For the quality of its theaching

There are 20 national higher institutes of architecture (Écoles nationales supérieures d’architecture) in France.
Why choose ENSACF ? What does our school have to offer that others don’t?

Because it is rooted in its local territory when it comes to issues such as heritage,
cultural sites, town planning and rurality, and is open to all architectural
and urban practices in tune with an ever-shifting world.

For its human scale, which ensures
students can receive personalised support.

For the special care it takes
to welcome disabled students.

For its openness to diverse profiles
and its interview-based selection rather than a focus on grades.

For the diversity of its areas of study.

For the appeal of its partnerships with Polytech
and Université Clermont-Auvergne.

And because beyond the initial training it provides, it is developing a research platform
that is shared across all disciplines.

For its exceptional architectural and natural environment.

For the overall quality of life
in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, where students can easily
find accommodation and benefit from a rich cultural life
(Short Film Festival, Europavox, Coopérative de Mai and many more events).